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My name is Valerie. I am currently a grad student in Communication Studies (interested in art institutions and the internet) who thrives in a realm of yummy smells, instant and speedy wifi, and the artists, designers and thinkers who make everything worthwhile. Welcome to my website.

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My sister, the artist – Ashley de Jong-Doucette

As we grew up my sister Ashley and I were both very creative – I would write poetry and stories while she would create artworks in pencil, paint, pretty much marking in whatever she could get her hands on.  We always joked that we would form a dynamic sister team of writing children’s books and […]

Meyer-Lavigne Rainy Days vases on Etsy

Another thing added to my painfully long online shopping dream list – these lovely Rainy Days porcelain vases with handcut graphic transfers by Meyer-Lavigne.  I could picture these being very striking on a fireplace mantelpiece.

Pirates vs. Ninjas – checkers edition

Very clever idea – a handmade checker set by Etsy user Goosegrease pitting pirates against ninjas.  (via the Awesomer)

Posters by artist Mat Daly

After reading a sneak peak into the home of talented artists Sue and Mat Daly over at Design*Sponge, I became infatuated with their framed Renegade Craft Fair Poster of a patchwork owl. When I followed the link over to Mat Daly’s site, I discovered a treasure trove of fantastically designed posters and prints.  While I […]

Cute animal napkin rings by Jonathan Adler

Okay, I admit it, I love me some pretty kitchen accessories.  Completely frivolous but utterly adorable, I have been admiring these napkin rings by Jonathan Adler.  Anyone else completely in love with owls? (image via Nesting Blog)

Cut Copy Dance

The Cut Copy Dance, a signed print you can order – by Justin David Cox.

Wendy Heldmann and Dionisio Gonzalez

Have been in over my head lately – my mom visited from the east coast and I spent a busy five days keeping her busy. In other news: despite the fact that I should be saving for Europe, I fell in love and purchased another art print from 20× I have long loved the work […]