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My name is Valerie. I am currently a grad student in Communication Studies (interested in art institutions and the internet) who thrives in a realm of yummy smells, instant and speedy wifi, and the artists, designers and thinkers who make everything worthwhile. Welcome to my website.

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Posts from June 2009

Marilyn Minter’s painting and photography

Marilyn Minter‘s photography (and painting) is up close, in-your-face, visceral, dripping with tangible texture, abject, corporeal, sexual, and stunning.  She also made a video called Green Pink Caviar in the same evocative style. (via) Chewing Pink 2008 Bazooka 2009 Crystal Swallow 2006 painting, enamel on metal Joshua Shirky in SFMOMA’s brochure of her work, writes: […]

How to make a baby (video)

(via Tralalere)

Ant Battle: Thursday, 2pm

Posted in Central Park by artist d.billy. Fantastic!  I absolutely love this kind of playful site-specific public art. (via)

Philippe Ramette, Balcon II

Enjoying this interesting photograph on a grey Tuesday.  Philippe Ramette: “Balcon II,” 2001. (Found here, where you can see it in a larger size)

Dreena Burton joins True/Slant

Dreena Burton, the author of amazing cookbooks Vive Le Vegan, Eat Drink & Be Vegan, and The Everyday Vegan (featuring simple, delish and healthy veg recipes) has joined True/Slant to write more about her family’s food choices.  I really liked her first post, quote: Yes, unfortunately our family’s plant-based diet is far from the norm. […]

New budget = new print? Whoops.

Despite the fact that J and I have organized a very tight budget in order to start attacking my student debt, I saw the print below and purchased it immediately with my new meager spending allowance.  I love its inherent rhythm, graphic elements of cartography and typography, and humour. $18, 11 x 17 silkscreen print […]

Clickable: You Are Addicted

YOU ARE ADDICTED AND YOU KNOW IT. What addiction comes to mind for you before you click True or Untrue?  New media art for the win.

Photography of built space by Christoph Morlinghaus

Christoph Morlinghaus takes amazing architectural photographs, including startlingly modern and innovative churches. I stared in amazement and had a few double takes before I realized that these churches ACTUALLY EXIST. I agree with Gary of Junk for Code, who observes: It’s odd–this work explores the use of space as constructed locations, as means of spiritual […]

David Foster Wallace commencement speech

Excerpt from David Foster Wallace’s infamous (and very compelling) commencement speech, on thinking differently: “Because here’s something else that’s weird but true: in the day-to day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what […]

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