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2 October 2008 @ 7pm

artists, public art, veganism

Art… or un-called for cruelty?

Sorry, won’t be posting too often in the next little while.  SO much reading to do.  Reading that I should have done yesterday.  Before I was even born!  Fantastic books exist that tantalize me with their awesomeness.  Just finished Too Loud a Solitude by Hrabal, which was one of the best books I have read in a long time.  Go read it!  Not to mention all of the academic books for school that I will be soon be reading with a fervor towards essays.

Speaking of reading, just heard about an interesting art piece part of Art in Odd Places in New York from good ol’ Swissmiss:

Eric Doeringer

A box of books labeled “Free Books” is deposited at various 14th Street locations. A seeming act of generosity, the artist has removed the last few pages from each book. The alteration will only become apparent to the reader after he or she has nearly finished the book, converting the cast-off into a statement of art.

Time/Location: Ongoing throughout October. Four undisclosed locations on 14th Street.


Someone.  Please.  Explain the art to me!  Maybe it will make them buy the book?  More books get bought? Never take for granted things that are free?  Never trust an artist?

In other, very exciting news, Ellen Degeneres (and likely her wife Portia de Rossi) has ‘come out’ as a vegan!  Hearing things like that makes me go all tingly for the future – for animals, for the planet, for ourselves.  Oh, and Canada has their first outdoor preschool, just outside my hometown.  Don’t give me any reasons to leave Montreal!  Which, by the way, is so lovely in the fall.


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25 October 2008 @ 1pm

Wow, that’s not art… that’s just cruel. It’s hard enough to get people to read these days, the last thing we need is having someone who’s actually bothered to take the time to read a book (that they thought they got as a lucky free gift) only to slap them in the face at the end by ruining the entire experience. I’m all about art that makes people think and question, but this just seems like a very mean spirited and counter-productive thing to do. Heck, if I lived in area I’d make it my “art statement” to create signs and post them right next to this jerks free book installations warning people about the missing pages.

There are not too many things that I hold sacred in this world, but books are one of them!

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3 November 2008 @ 9am

Too bad that’s just a jerky thing to do.

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