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My name is Valerie. I am currently a grad student in Communication Studies (interested in art institutions and the internet) who thrives in a realm of yummy smells, instant and speedy wifi, and the artists, designers and thinkers who make everything worthwhile. Welcome to my website.

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14 November 2007 @ 10pm

linkage, meta-blogging, miscellaneous

About Time – Site Changes and 7 New Things

So I finally wrote my About page, which was well overdue. I also took out the trite About blurb on the main page and put in a quotation. I think I will schedule in to change these quotations on a monthly basis – it’s much more interesting than attempting to list all of the topics I might write about in a given moment.

Needless to say both changes took me a while, and thus I will have to put off writing my actual entry for this evening. But I can certainly share some news and web findings.

1. Turns out that you can mute conversations in Gmail if an irritating thread keeps regular irrelevant news rising to the top in your inbox. Wish I had known about this last week!

2. “Many animals may have their own forms of laughter, says a US researcher writing in the magazine Science.”

3. Via the ever-addictive FFFFOUND!

4. Via Treehugger:

5. Over at Whoopee, Antonia asks the question: What should be the collective noun for little girls? A wriggle?

6. Over at Commoncraft, I enjoyed reading “A Classic Lesson on Being Small and Happy,” an interesting conversation between an American tourist and Mexican fisherman.

7. My newest strategy to get exercising regularly (and shed a few needed pounds in the process) is to go to bed on time and rise every morning at 5 am. This will allow me to get to yoga every other day, and the day I skip yoga (for much needed muscle rest) I will run for 45 minutes to an hour on my lunch break at work. This adds up to one hour of exercise daily, a worthy goal. The mornings that I’m not at yoga will be freed up for much needed alone time, and the evenings that I’m not doing yoga and/or running will also be open for other fun activities. Tomorrow is day one, and I’m already off to a late night start. Off to bed!

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16 November 2007 @ 12am

I love your blog. We clearly have much in common beyond food.

I admire your ambition to go to yoga in the mornings. I am trying to work on that, too, but I’m such a night owl and don’t do mornings well. Thankfully the studio I go to is fully equipped and just blocks from my work, so when I do muster the energy, it’s easy from there. I wish you much luck with your new regimen!

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